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RN Career Group Provides the BEST SSB COACHING IN CHANDIGARH in both modes i.e online and offline.

Service Selection Board is the Association that schedule, organize, and conduct the SSB Interview of the candidates applying for Indian Military Forces. The criteria used to evaluate the candidates include their intelligence, personalities, compatibility, and potential. The best path forward is a career in defense services.

SSB Coaching In Chandigarh
                                                       SSB Coaching In Chandigarh


For both ordinary citizens and those who wish to service personnel, there are a variety of ways to become a defense officer in the IAF (Indian Armed Forces).

  • An SSB interview is mainly a Psychological test of the applicant’s personality test, and also to analyze his/her potential as an Officer of the Indian Military in the future.
  • The main goal of the SSB interview is to evaluate the applicant’s ability to think critically and objectively.
  • This SSB interview won’t just assess your analytical skills; it will also verify that you are fully informed about social and current topics.The SSB Board makes an informed visual assessment of qualities like activity, judgment, deductive consistency, and social traits.

Which Coaching Centre Is Best For SSB Coaching In Chandigarh

The Best Online SSB Coaching in Chandigarh is RN Career Group.

  • RN Career Group is a top-notch Coaching Institute for SSB interviews. It was founded in the year 2011,
  • Our method is extremely effective and yields the best results.
  • Our goal is to prepare aspirants for a bright future while also gratifying their dreams about getting the guidance they need for SSB interviews.
  • We have top-notch educators who can help you accomplish your objective.


   SSB Coaching Institutes In Chandigarh
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Our SSB Coaching in Chandigarh Batch Timings & Other Details

SSB Coaching In Chandigarh Details
Duration 1 month, 2 months, Foundation Batches
Class Timings 9:00 to 6:30 pm (Full Day) (Customized Batches)
Mobile Number
Course Fee
Monday – Friday, Sat
INR 15000 – 25000

All About SSB Interview

  • Aspirants must maintain the minimum qualifying marks in the written test and Officer Potentiality Test individually if they are applying to the Army, Navy, Naval Academy, or Air Force.
  • Cadets who are interested in joining the Air Force must additionally pass the separate Computerized Pilot Selection System (CPSS) and Pilot Aptitude Battery Tests (PABT).
  • Students who want the Air Force as their first choice may take the PABT test. All SSB-certified applicants can take the PABT, which includes the Air Force as one of the options.
  • The pilot Aptitude Battery Test (PABT) is a unique test. Its aim is to assess a candidate’s aptitude to be trained as a pilot. Candidates can only take PABT once in a lifetime.
  • PABT consists of three tests, i.e. Instrument Battery Test (INSB), Control Velocity Test (CVT), and Sensory Motor Apparatus Test (SMA).


  • Stages I and II of the SSB Interview procedure involve selection. Only candidates who pass stage I are permitted to take stage II.
  • Stage I: It includes exams for picture perception and description as well as the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) tests (PP&DT).
  • Stage II: This stage lasts for four days and consists of an interview, a conference, a group testing officer task, and a psychology exam.
Online SSB Coaching In Chandigarh
                                                                 Online SSB Coaching In Chandigarh


  • Primary Intelligence Test.
  • Psychological Test.
  • Group Testing Officers (GTO) Activities.
  • Conference.

Stage I Screening:-In this process some intelligence students are selected by some activities Verbal and Non-Verbal Tests and Picture Perception and Discussion Tests (PPDT. In PPDT candidates write a story on the shown picture in 30 sec.

Stage II: In this process check the psychological suitability of the Candidates.

Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]:– In this test 11 pictures will be shown and it disappears after 30 seconds. Candidates are to write a story on these pictures in 4 minutes.

Word Association Test [WAT]:– In this process 60 words will be shown back to back for 50 sec. candidate has to write the thought that comes to their mind.

Situation Reaction Test [SRT]:– Candidate gets a booklet with 60 situations written on it. Candidates have written to respond in these 60 booklets.

Self Description Test [ SD]:- In this process candidate write his opinion about their parents, themselves, friends, teachers, and others.

  1. GTO ( Grouping Task Obstacles )

The main aim of this task is to judge your qualities during group performance. GD (Group Discussion): In this section back to back group discussion on two topics mostly on Current Affairs.

PGT (Progressive Group Task): The candidate in Progressive Group Task in this candidate crosses some obstacles with the help of some materials.

HGT (Half Group Task): This series is the same as PGT but the group members in HGT are half that of PGT.

IoT(Individual Obstacles Task ): In this series candidate attempt 10 obstacles individually.

Command Task: Snake Race / Group obstacles Race: All group members are competing with other group members in the snake race.

  1. Personal Interview:-

The Officer can take your Interview. In this task, candidates face the SSB Interview Questions.

  1. Conference:-

The conference is just to decide whether you recommend an officer in the Indian defense forces or not.

rn career group
                                                        Best Online Coaching Centre In Chandigarh

Maintain Confidence: You ought to have confidence in your ability. Since you are selecting for the SSB from a pool of many applications, you must be a positive thinker and completely confident. To avoid losing confidence, do so.

  • The 1st Day: Essential information, as well as verbal and nonverbal thinking skills, are tested on the first day of the schedule. Examine the question papers from the last few years to gain an idea of how to perform well in this area.
  • You should attempt to solve the numerous quantitative aptitude test papers. Participate in group discussions and debates whenever you have a chance.
  • These will improve your verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Practice writing and analyzing: Work on writing about whatever you observe, such as the child playing in the recreation center or the young woman riding the school bus.
  • Write short stories and practice timing. Analyze the narrative.

Tips for Group Discussion Session: Avoid looking at the SSB officers while narrative your stories and right after you’ve finished.  Don’t become upset or dispute during the group discussion.

Make an effort to participate fully in the examination so that the officers can see you.

The 2nd Day: The second day is crucial, it is said. The mental process includes the Word Association Test (WAT), Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT), Self Description, and Self Description Situation Reaction Test (SRT).

All of these examinations involve using your entire mind, so please pay close attention.

Self-description: Ability to analyze oneself. | Determination in life and Aim | Thinking and mindset concerning your parents, family, companions, neighbors, instructors, and others.

Preparations for the next two days: Exercises led by Group Testing Officers (GTO) on the third and fourth days include a variety of indoor and outdoor group activities such as the Group Obstacle Race, Group Planning, Group Discussion, and Progressive Group Tasks.

  • Individual Obstacles, Individual Lecturettes, and Command Tasks make up individual errands.
  • Additionally, it assesses your interpersonal skills and self-presentation. Carry out each task in a careful and collected manner.

Personal Interview: You should be psychologically prepared for any moment that the SSB interviewers may conduct the Personal Interview (PI) as they may do so on any day between the second and fourth day.

Final SSB Day: The board’s deputy president gives the closing address on the fifth day, followed by a meeting and results declaration, then dispersal.

Why RN Career Group Achieves The Title “Best Online Coaching Centre For SSB In Chandigarh”?
Best SSB Result Produced Every Year In Chandigarh.
Morning, & Evening SSB Batches Are Available For Students
All Study Material SSB Notes Are Provided.
Experienced, Skilled, And Professional Faculty Members In SSB Coaching Wing.
Various SSB Tests Are Conducted On Daily Basis And Weekly.
Under Retired Army Officers
Top SSB Quality And Proficient Training.
Daily SSB Doubt Sessions
Why Provides the Best Online SSB Coaching in Chandigarh, India?

Rishi Sir is the best mentor here he cleared NDA, CDS, and AFCAT (appeared for SSB 11 times)and now helping no of students to crack their defense exams from the last decade. He accomplished MSc in Physics from Punjab University (Gold medalist).

Rishi not only guides you along with that he shows you the exact path from where you fulfill your aim. He runs an institute under the name of TML Defence Academy CHANDIGARH moreover he produces topmost results not only in NDA but also in other defense exams like CDS, AFCAT, TA, IMU-CET.

Reasons Why Candidates Fail In SSB Interview

SSB interview is one interview where it’s very difficult to find out the reason for your not clearing SSB. Only a deep introspection can give you a slight hint of the reason.

By analyzing our candidates we have tried to evaluate a few reasons for the failure of aspirants in SSB:

  1. Lack of Preparation: This is one of the main reasons for exam failure. The SSB is no different, and insufficient preparation may be important in your failure there. Making plans gives you confidence.
  2. Lack of Confidence: Being self-assured can help you achieve great things in life. Confidence is a strong determinant of personality. Candidates that lack confidence stop frequently and experience unneeded pressure.
  3. Not listening with an open ear
  4. Lack of honesty: This is one major reason why candidates fail in SSB.
  5. Being over-friendly with the interviewing officer: They just want you to feel comfortable so that you end up saying everything they want to know.
  6. There are things that you would not like to share with the IO. Being over-friendly will only land you in troubled waters.
  7. No self-Knowledge: SSB is one such interview where the more you know about yourself, the more chances of success are there.
  8. A person who is not aware of what his strengths, weakness, and happiest and saddest moments are, is much like to fail. When you don’t understand and know yourself, you can’t know anything better.
  9. No knowledge about the surrounding: The surrounding you live in deserves your attention as well. If you are not aware of the strength, and weaknesses of your near and dear ones
  10. Approach toward life.
  11. Dullness, non-enthusiastic attitude Being cheerful shows positivity, whereas if you are dull and non-enthusiastic about things, it’ll reflect negativity.
  12. You need to be excited about the tasks, it should reflect your attitude.
  13. Bullying and overconfidence: Forces are not the place where you can bully people. You need to understand that a good leader leads by example and motivates people instead of bullying them.
  14. You need to encourage your group, and not dominate them to appear like a real leader.
  15. If you forget to smile: If you don’t smile you are taking unnecessary tension. People who forget to smile are likely to get nervous and thus mess up the things in which they could have performed well.
  16. So you need to take a break and smile.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is SSB?

Ans The Service Selection Board (SSB), which is set up by the Ministry of Defence, conducts the SSB interview to evaluate candidates for recruitment in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

2. For how many days is the interview conducted?

Ans Five days Interview. To prepare well, you should consider enrolling at a reputed SSB tutorial in Chandigarh.

3. What are the eligibility criteria for the SSB interview?

Ans Graduates clearing the CDS examination conducted by the UPSC are eligible for the SSB Interview.

4. When is the admit card for SSB issued?

Ans The SSB tutorial in Chandigarh that you enroll in will guide the same.

5. What is the fee charged by SSB coaching centers?

Ans The fee for the course ranges between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000 approximately.

6. Who Provides The Best SSB Online Coaching In Chandigarh?

Ans RN Career Group provides the Best SSB coaching In Chandigarh and Produces maximum results every year

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